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Chronic Sympathetic Nerve Dystrophy

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A family member has sympathetic nerve dystrophy in the ankle. This is usually triggered off by an accident or some other painful incident. There is no cure. You either get over it soon or it can remain for 6 months or years. Or even a life time.
Pain management specialists deal with the pain with medications that are very strong but there is still no relief. Does anyone know of a natural remedy rather than pain killers. Tried everything... Hot and cold water treatment. It is to painful for physiotherapy. Calf muscules are are wasting away. Walking on toes all the time. Archillies tendon is shrinking.
Walking this way will cause other problems later... Perhaps knee hips and spine. Need an answer soon.
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replied August 7th, 2005
Hi mm,
i am new to this forum and also have crps. Originally it affected both of my arms but has since spread to my lower legs. My calf muscles are particularly affected, shrinking each night only to be slightly stretched the next day.I wasnt keeping up with the shrinking by physio alone so I now sleep with my lower legs in splints and I have had favourable results in only 2 weeks. I also am on a combination of drugs which help some but not the terrible flare ups I suffer which last anywhere from 4 hours to 5 days! Dont have anything really constructive to add for your situation but just wanted to let you and your family member know you are not alone. Good on you for being so supportive...Good support is often hard to come by. If you want email addie to perhaps share other ideas pm me.

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replied September 8th, 2005
Not Sure
If my mother is suffering from this but it sounds very simular to her condition but in her left arm, shoulder and hand. She has pain, numbness and at times pain that shoots right down her arm. She was diagnosed with 2 degenerative disc in her upper back but that's as far as the doctor seems to go with it. It's been over 2 years and just last month I went in to see what tests he had run and to ask for a referral and he hadn't even check her for ostreoperosis(sp?)arthritis, rhuemitory arthritis, non of that! I was in shock, she's 58 years old! To top it off for the past 2 years he had her on nitro spray for her heart disease only to find that a specialist told her to stop, there was absolutely nothing wrong with her heart!
Her arm is now shrinking up, she's lost musle mass and strength and tells me it feels as though the bones in her arm are shrinking, weakening and going soft. Also, her fingers of that arm are seperating as though the tendons or muscles aren't keeping them in line, simular to the symtoms of ms. Her grandmother had these symtoms, and later found herself perilized and passing away not long after. I'm scared for my mother and I can't find help for her anywhere!
If you have any advice or ideas please reply!
Thanks for reading
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