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Swollen Throat From Singing

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For about 6 months now I have had a swollen lump in my neck that I can't seem to get rid of. It started out as a sore throat and it would hurt on the right side of my neck when I swallowed but that went away and now all I have is this swollen gland on the right side of my neck where my chin meets my neck. If you were to check someone's pulse that is where my swollen gland is. It has also been swollen on my left side but not as much.

I went to the doctor twice and the first time he said my tonsils looked very swollen so he put me on anti-biotics and 6 days passed without change. Waited about another month and went again. This time he put me on a different anti-biotic and also recommended a nasal decongestant which I didn't use because my mom said she heard bad things about it. 6 days passed again and still no change. So now it has been another month and I can't go to the doctor just yet because we have no insurance and I have to wait till my parents get more money. I was hoping I could find some support on the internet to get rid of this thing.

Singing is a big part of my life. I am the back-up singer for my band, I am constantly singing in the car and sometimes I even like to scream because it's in some of the songs I listen to. I also work at cold stone which is an ice cream shop and we sing for tips and we sing loud, almost like a cheer leader would. About a month ago, excessive talking and singing would irritate my glands so much that I had to refrain from talking or else I would get pain every time I said a word. I was wondering if all this singing has damaged my throat. I cut down on singing and only do it when I need to. I haven't screamed since I got the throat problem. Since I cut down my throat has felt better but it's not completely gone.

Besides the lump in my throat I feel fine. I never feel sick and i'm an active guy. I go to the gym, I play drums, etc.

I do have yellow phlegm occasionally and I can't remember the last time I could breath through both nostrils clearly. Is this congestion causing the infection to stay in my throat? Will not talking for a whole day help me? Should I stay away from dairy products?

Please, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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replied April 11th, 2011
swallen lymph nodes
I have the same problem you have and have not found a solution. If you got one please let me know. Mine is not only swollen but painful as well and it hurts when I sing and sometimes swallow.
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replied February 29th, 2012
Sore throat
I did some karaoke and lost my voice. The next day i come to find to find there was a lump in my throat. My doctor figured it out the same day. I had swollen tonsils and she gave me an antibiotic and steroids. The lump was gone in a couple of hours and could talk again. You might want to find a better doctor that won't waste your time and money. She's a DO.
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