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Bulimia How Do You Tell Your Parents?

Hi I sort of just accidentally found this today, but whatever i'm glad I did.
I've had bulimia since last january so I guess for about a year and some. It started out exercising and good great grand but now it's all I think about and sometimes I even get a kick out of this control you get. I like the feeling of a flat empty stomache. Yesterday my parents keep trying to talk to me and even bombarded me with this huge envelope of eating disorder information. My mom even went to a support group thing the whole afternoon yesterday. She found empty laxative wrappers in my room supposedly looking for something. I didn't care I was so relieved she didnt notice my garbage was filled with 2 different days of puke.
They found puke in my garbage before but I blamed it on drinking so much alcohol that bbq.
Anyways, apparently my brother told my best friend that 'our whole family knows, it's obvious. But we're not a confronting kind of family. Tell bianca to double flush'

lol which is funny, cuz I like quadruple flush that damn toilet.

Anyway, so I think they pretty much know but I don't know how much they know. They're leting on that they 'think' I take laxatives because I eat barely so I get constipated and frustrated. But I know it's more.

I know it's bad I want to stop but I don't want them to take away this frmo me cuz I feel like it's all I have that's mine. Something that I can actually control you know?? But I can't ignore that it's killing me

how far deep is everyone??
I have like the worst electrolyte balance
an irregular heartbeat
i don't even need to use my finger anymore I can just bend over and burp it out
i passed out the other day at work in my backroom for about 10 seconds
my throat is pretty much burned with an extra hole
i'm psychologically paranoid and believe that everyone is secretly bulimic in this world

and i'm going to stop here for now because I must go barf before I go to work. I want to stop so my babies won't be more messed up than they already might have to be.
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replied July 29th, 2005
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If It Is Really That Bad, You Need to See a Doctor, Like Now
And eat some bananas and drink gatorade and keep it down in the meantime. Electrolyte imbalance and irregular heart rate is not something to mess around with. You could literally drop dead.
As far as parents, my dad knew that I am anorexic from just talking to me over the phone even though I hadn't said it directly. He had last saw me when I weighed 30 pounds more. My mother has always been a perfectionist and said that I was fat when I wore size 8 (when I was heavier) so I am not even going to attempt talking to her about it.
Strangely since I have come to terms with my eating disorder, I have become overly paranoid about people having eating disorders. I've become suspicious about anyone who is underweight, lost weight that they didn't have to lose, or isn't eating much. I think that it is a combination of justifying our disorder and being genuinely concerned.
Anyway, get help. When it gets to the point that you could drop dead, like you are, that is the only choice if you want to live.
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replied July 29th, 2005
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Your family sounds so the same as mine! They read my diary and found out everything, but onl referred to it as 'body image issues' and they gave me all this info on eating disorder and how bad it is and what causes it. Like I dont know, I may have an ed but it doesn't make me ignorant you know? I know how bad it is, I know its caused by warped body image, lack of controll and a screwed brain. My parents also have been going to support groups and draging me alone, I find its best to humour them and do as they say. It makes home life so much easier. I'm very angry at my parents for suddenly expectine me to get better when i've been this way for ages, I know I want to be better but I need to take my own time. You should probably see your doc and get him/her to refer you to a shrink, so that you have someone impartial to talk to and create a plan of getting better that works for you. I hope it all works out, keep posting here and let us know! Xoxo
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replied July 29th, 2005
Yeah it's pretty bad to the point that I thought I was having palpitations and stomache ulcers. I involuntarily twitch and shake in certain muscles, mostly my legs and arms after I barf. That's why as much as I want to hold on to barfing I know I really shouldnt. And on top of that my hair is falling out and hairties give me bruises on my wrists.

So far the only people who know are my two best friends, and my brother. One of my best friends told him and my brother really doesn't care that much I don't think he even told my parents anything that he knows.

And yeah I know exactly how you feel damsel. It's sort of like all of a sudden you want to be around me as if it's going to make up for all that 'lost time' before. My mom asked me if I want more information on all these eating disorders but honestly I think we all know our ed very well.

I think I will tell them though tomorrow, because at least theyre approaching me more nicely. Before they were like yelling at me as if how dare you do that youre so selfish youre ruining the family blahblah. My mom even said you better not be like this when grandma comes. So anyways, we'll see how that goes tomorrow. Unless I chicken out >_<

and yah honestly I get sooo paranoid about things like i'll look at girls and be like I wonder if theyve been barfing.. Or like how can that girl eat that and still be thin?? She must be barfing. But for some reason when I see other sites about like bulimia and pro-anorexia it makes me feel more upset that they talk about it like it's some trendy fad or something. And I kinda feel at the end of it that they're taking away my bulimia by trying to use it as some kind of tool or something. I dont know.. Im sorry if I don't make any sense

so i'm gonna talk to them tomorrow... We'll see how it goes. And maybe support group wont be so bad.. If its anything like these forums itll make me feel better (except for maybe the whole trying to make me give up barfing part)
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replied January 9th, 2012
Hi I am 16 and I've been bulimic for a year now nobody knows that I am but I just feel like I can't tell them because they will send me to theripist and make me stop and I really dnt wanna

I started on christmas last year and I felt greatwhen puking for the first time like I felt I had something that I felt helped me and would change me and every single time I eat anything I imediently puke like even just something as simple as a carrot I have to go puke it up or else I feel distgusted with myself and I will cut myself to try and keep me on a good path.I hardly eat I only really have two meals a day I dnt snack and I only drink water my meals are usualy just a cup of plain pasta or maybe a cup of cereal.

What should I do?
do I need help?
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replied February 11th, 2012
Get help...
Get help before you become "dependent" on it and before your health deteriorates:/ At first when I began, I was happy with the results and felt like I could control it. After a took charge of me and was no longer "fun". Not saying it was ever fun...but the happiness with it was over.

Weight fluctuations, mood swings, loss of period, extremely low heart rate/blood pressure, electrolytes, tooth enamel damage, etc. It's not worth me. I still haven't told anyone...but I want to help as many people as possible.

I'm pretty sure I have a tonsil infection, HOWEVER I still just HAD to puke today. It just has that kind of hold on me. I can't imagine my life without it. And have pretty much excepted that it may kill me.Don't let it get that bad. GET HELP!

Best wishes to you:)
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replied January 7th, 2013
What do I do, my mom just found out about my eating disorder?!?!
Ok so I am 16 and I have been starving myself and making myself throw up for about a year now and my mom just found me in the bathroom making myself throw up! It was soo scary, she was soo upset and sad and wouldn't stop crying. And when I told her how long I had been doing it she freaked out even more. She's making me swear to never do it again so to make her less worried I promised her I would try to stop but I really don't want to give this up and since I've been doing this for so long I honestly don't think I have the strength to stop anymore.
But now she wants me to go talk to my school therapist about this whole thing and ugh that just sounds scary and awkward. I hate talking about my feelings and I have only talked to one of my best friends about my problems so I guess I'm just not used to sharing this subject with people and just thinking about having to talk about it gives me soo much anxiety(which I also have a problem with.
I have also been cutting myself for even longer than I've had this eating disorder but my mom doesn't know that. So I'm afraid that I will have to tell my therapist about the cutting and then have to tell my parents.
I know I should want to get better but honestly I realllyy don't want to. I feel like my eating disorder and cutting are the only things in my life that I have control over and if they were to be taken away from me I would have absolutely nothing which would cause me to become even more depressed.
I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm soo tired of all this but at the same time I don't want to stop. I feel like a slave to my own body but I don't have the strength to stop anymore. I feel like if they make me stop a huge part of me will die since this has been my life for soo long. I have always been really insecure with myself and struggled with my self-image for as long as i can remember, so I guess I'm just afraid of the sudden change even though I know it's for the better.
If anyone could take the time to reply to this it would mean the world to me. I just feel soo alone and scared because my suicidal thoughts are getting even worse than normal right now. So I would really appreciate some advice or just some one to talk to who understands what I'm going through.
Thanks for those who took the time to read this, I'm just a confused lonely messed up girl who has no one else to turn to and needs help ...
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replied January 8th, 2013
Keep your head up!
Keep your head up, girl:) Maybe you can talk to the therapist only about your Bulimia. Maybe even mention your anxiety (but not the cutting). You can tell him/her that you are depressed and aren't having good feelings right at the moment. They'll probably find that normal not only for your age, but also because your mom just found out. They know how traumatic that can be for both the family and the person.

So just go in with hope that maybe than can help you. Smile, be honest, but don't tell more than you want them to know first off. Let them gain your trust:)

Hope this is encouraging for you. It sucks your mom found out...but maybe it was meant to be, you can get help, and live a normal life!

Have a great week...and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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replied May 3rd, 2016
I have been bulimic since I was 14, but it was just on and off then. Now I'm 16 and its worse than ever. I'm eating normally (REALLY), 3 regular meals and snacks inbetween. But by night I would just binge and now I even binge during the day when no one is around then I'll purge it all out. I went vegan for four months but it just made eating restrictive and it made me binge more. So I'm gradually introducing meat back into my diet.

the thing is, whenever I try to eat more, all my weight just goes to my stomach area and its so frustrating. I look skinnier everywhere else and the weight won't distribute. Furthermore, I flat chested as heck so the bulge looks even more obvious.

I haven't told my parents about this, only 2 of my close friends. I really want to get rid of this disorder because its affecting my studies and my life.

I don't know what to do.
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