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Obesity And Anorexia

These problems fect many people allover the world. Instead of making fun ofthem andcalling names, give a little support. Im 20 years old im5'8 250pounds, ive had to deal with my weight problem all my life im getting better I lost 40 lbs in thepast7 monthes im still losing weight. I have this problem because of my father when I was a child :evil: he wascontrolling he didnt allw my mom to buy food. She had to stay home and cook and clean. He bought e wort food possible cheap.Junk food, thats what we had to eat, thats all I new growing up un til my parents got devorced, I lived with my mom but I still couldnt break the habbit of eating this crap, I now have control I eat healthy, I do eat pizza and ice cream but in small portions, I dring a lot of water, and somthing called chi soymilk. I eat fruit a veggies, protein lean meat I exersize 1hour at night and for 10 min in the morning,i find it easier if im watching tv or listengn to music while I exercise.Im happy now well almost I need to reachmy goal weight of 160 before this time next year. I gotta start working harder, I had the problem of being overweight as a child my sister developed anorexia, she was afraid to eat, because she saw how I wastreated she starved herself. Shestarted passing out sometimes.She moved in with me and my mom she climed she was eating but I new when she didnt , she was obsesed with exersize evry spare minite shewas exersizing. She was mean to me she liked to call me names when she didnt get her way, the typical fat names, I guess sh did it to make herself feel better, its not so bad now most ofit stoped, evry once in a while I hear comment from them. But I still hear stuff ike that from strangers, like when I went to check the mail not to long a go a guy yeelled out his ca (get your fatass out of the road) it really upsets me, I try not to take things so serious, I cant help it thought, why do people say stuff to hurt me when I havnt done anything to them, im still working on my weightproblem but I need support from somefriends maybe someone will talk to me some time, my sister is gettng betternow causeits been a few years but she still has days when she only eats one thing.Man my life is !**@! up
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replied July 29th, 2005

reading your message I could feel how hurt and frustrated you are feeling.

First off:

big hugs to you!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((you)))))) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

i want to tell you I am so sorry for what you and your sister and your mom have been through.

I can't begin to know what it has been like, but I can guess that it hasn't been easy. And from your message I see that you are feeling some strong pain & resentment.

I am going to say some thing now that may seem very obvious and overly simple. I do it because I realize there's a good chance that nobody has ever said these things to you and you need to hear the truth.

The way that your father (& other family) treated you as a child was/is not your fault.

I am sorry that you were treated that way. (even though I don't know you personally, I know that you did not deserve to be treated disrespectfully then or now.)

as a child you didn"t have control over the actions of adults or the circumstances of your life -but you do now!

Lastly, I know that it takes courage to speak up for yourself and to try to make big changes inyour life. You have taken the first steps already! Keep it up. You are not alone! One of the most transformative aspects of the internet is that it gives us the ability to connect with people all around the globe. Remember that when you are feeling isolated! There are people out there that are feeling just like you.

Find ways every day to nutrure and care for yourself.

And find ways to nurture and care for someone else - this will speed your process.

I am very proud of you for the steps you are taking to change yourself and your life.

Big love,
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replied July 27th, 2018
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You need to forgive all resentments and live with your sister in the world.
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