I'm 22 years old as of july, and i'm really not in the best condition of my life. I'm overweight and I realize that I eat consistent amounts of junkfood...Greasy crap, etc; because of this I believe i've developed ibs (irritable bowel syndrome) but i'm way too nervous and embarrassed to go to a doctor about it.

On top of that, I know that I have hemrhoids too.

My question is, about 5 days or probably more ago I ate some really spicy homemade burritos. Because of this, i've had nothing but watery/diarhea stools since then. I tried to take fiber pills, and drank benefiber today and i'm kind of still waiting for the results....Except an hour ago, when I went to the bathroom...The stool was still watery with small chunks of soft stool in it.

I'm rather nervous because i've never had diarhea this long before. When it comes out, it comes out really acidicly. And my anus will burn for hours so I usually end up taking a shower after I do these bowel movements. As I said before, i've never had diarhea this long before and I was wondering if this might be life-threatening.

There's no blood in my stool. If anything, I was wondering if maybe it might've been because i've really been stressed out/nervous lately about it. I get nervous about it non-stop....That it might be something bad. I thought maybe my nervousness was causing the diarhea.

Does anyone have any answers? I don't have insurance, I don't have benefits, and I don't have any money. So i'd have to end up going to the er at a hospital and paying 300 dollar bills for a check-up and prescription.

Should I wait and see if this goes away in another week?
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replied July 27th, 2005
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I totally understand about being a junk-food-junky chocolate, salty and greasy foods used to be part of my 5 basic food groups and then my stomach started messing up, I started feeling yucky, no energy, I knew what was wrong, so I started exercising, joined a gym, started watching what I ate and now I feel better, kind of like the new me.
In regards to having diahrea(sp) runs, whatever, I do not know where you live but walmart has a equate product called anti-diarhrea that really helps a lot of people. Of course I am no dr and if the problem continues you might think of going to the dr just to get checked over and just kind of back off slowly of the junk-food and once in a while is o.K. And be careful of spicy hot foods, I cannot even eat spicy foods as I have had galbladder sugery.
Good luck to you!
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replied August 17th, 2005
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I may have the solution to your problem, but it depends on whether you are willing to listen to me.

I have a lady friend who was previously 85kg, used to be low confident and pessisimistic. She lost 26kg within 2 months!! With a holistic lifestyle and diet. "holistic concerns not only the physical well being, but mentally as well. If you are not determined to lose weight, you will never lose it. She developed a strong mindset, that's why she managed to accomplish it!

I think she's the best person to be able to share with you on this topic.

You know something about us humans, generally asians ( I read somewhere). When we have stress or problems, we tend to use food as comfort for us. We eat! We eat and eat and eat! That's why colon cancer is one of the most prominent cancer in not only singapore but asia. Because asian's love to eat! Have feast etc.

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