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Sores From Working Out

Hi, there wasnt a better place to put this, I chose to put this here because anyother name for a bedsore.

Note I am not saying that I "get sore" rather, I "have sores".

I have a problem, I need your guys help on something.

When I walk or run, my two inner legs rub together, and I sweat alot, since I work outside and work-out. Now I have two sores on the inner sides of both my legs, and I can hardly walk. I [think] I rubbed my 2 spots on my legs raw, its a darkish color and it bleeds.

Now, yesterday I just discovered I have 2 more sores! This time under the "flap" of my stomach. Again I sweat alot and I think these were also rubbed raw. It stings when I try to touch it. And when I work, I can feel the two parts of skin rubbing and I cant bear the pain anymore.

These pains leave me in the fall and winter and spring, but seem to come back during the summer. The only reason I could think of why this happens, is because I sweat in the summer and thats the most time I work.

So, my question is, what type of cream or something can I get for these sores?

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