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Nodules In Nasal Area Behind Palate

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i have these nodules only on the right side and back part between where the soft palate is and where the throat begins. I can only feel them when I press my tongue up against the soft tissue. I had a tonsillectomy when I was a child. I was thinking maybe this was adenoid or tonsil tissue growing back, or could it be lymph. I went to the doctor, and he just looked at it and didn't even feel back there. I have had them since at least march of this year. No pain. Also when I open my mouth you can't see the nodules. There does seem to be a whiter patch where the nodules are located compared to the other side. I have no allergies or other health problems. Also on the same side on in my throat is what looks like to be an ulcer, but does not hurt either.

Thanks for any help or ideas.
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