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Colon Cancer, Hemmoroids, Bursted Capulaires At 13? Plz Help

Im pretty young (teenage)
could I have bursted some capulaires or have some colon cancer.

At the begining of 2005 I was holding in poo for minute alot. One day I held it in for 1 minute and 30 seconds and then went to the bathroom. When I finished I noticed the toilet was full of blood I mean the water in the toilet was red. After days the bleeding level was still high my poo was stained in blood but not very dark blood like red. After these months till now I still have it I have stinging pains some times all of the sudden, and an itchy feeling inside. But now its minor it only bleeds when I wipe I find a line of blood or a small stain like 2 drops. Could I have bursted stuff in my !**@!, or have colon cancer. I sometimes feel sudden stingy pains in there.
Am I embrasing myself? :oops: could I have just bursted some capulaires and now it is still healing cause some days I dont bleed. I have not consulted a doctor, cause I dont wanna embrase my self if its some sort of cut by pressure builded up by holding it in.


It dosent bleed when I dont poo
that was only the first time I pooed it bleed for like when I pooed and little drops of blood feel after I pooed but just like 9.

The begining of june I started pooing 2 times a day and now 2 weeks ago I started pooing 3 times daily is this urgent?
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replied August 12th, 2005
Hi there: you are awfully young to be having these problems..Please talk to your parents about your problem, thats what they are there for is to make sure you get to a doctor to evaluate your condition. Don't wait on this and also don't be embarassed! Its good that you have talked about this. Good luck.
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replied August 17th, 2005
please if you haven't told your parents, do so right away so they can get you into a Dr. We have a family history of colon cancer and the dr's are finding out that the boys had a similar problem to yours in their teens and now have colon cancer. All of us grandchildren have had colonoscopies, but now the dr's are telling us that we need to get our children checked, especially the boys even in their teen years.
So please tell your mom & dad....It's not embarrising...It could be nothing but busted blood vessels from a hemorrhoid, but you could also be saving your life.
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replied December 25th, 2008
i have thin soft stool and it doesnt bleed at all but sometimes in school i hold in my farts and causes bloating. does anything sound wrong to anyone.

p.s the soft thin stool part??
om 13
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