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Too Many Push-ups?

Hi, new here.

I'm stuck and really need some help. I've been weight training for just shy of 10 years 4-5 times a week, consistently. In addition to my normal workouts, I also do 4 sets of 75 pushups 4 nights a week, before going to bed. I've been doing this for about 5 years consistent. Can someone please tell me if this is bad or not. No one can seem to answer this for me. Is this way too many pushups ? Am I overtraining my chest? Or worse? Will this cause overdevelopment to the outer chest? Recently i've amended my chest workouts for the sole purpose of trying to define more, mainly my outer chest. Are these excessive push-ups defeating this purpose? Also, do pushups target primary chest, triceps and thats it?..Or does it target shoulders/back at all.

Sorry to blab on but ihave one more question. I have a decent chest but more size then lean muscle. Could someone please tell me how to define....As I think i've plateau'd..A long tiem ago.

Your advice is glden!! Thanks
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