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Bleached My Hair: Chemical Burns/allergic Reaction??

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Hi... I just bleached my hair, and i've used the same hair bleach before and nothing happened, but this time I think i'm either having an allergic reaction or i've gotten chemical burns from the bleach ... I'm not sure which it is and I kinda don't want to go to the dermatologist to check it out ... But the irritated area is on the back of my head on my scalp right above my neck, it's not all over my head ... It burns and I can feel bumps and I think that there's pus ... It feels like a burning rash. My brother suggested using aloe vera gel to calm it down but i'm not sure what else I should or what it really is, if it's burns or allergies... Can someone help me?
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replied January 20th, 2006
Hey I bleached my hair yesterday n now its orange n I have a little red scab like patch on the top of my scalp..........Im not sure if I shud b worried or not........My boyfriend says it will go away but wat do they know! So now im not only worried bout the fact my hair is orange but that there is also a scab on my head! Any suggestions for that and how to get my hair blonde instead of orange?......
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replied January 23rd, 2006
bigman16 wrote:
try collidal silica, does wonders for skin and hair

hey so does that mean I can use it on my scab things too cause I think they are chemical burns from dying my hair too much........Will it restore my hair as well?
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