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Bleeding In Early Pregnancy

according to the first day of my last period i'm 5wks 3days pregnant and I had a scan today as I had some red blood (no pain). They couldn't see anything on the scan and say I may have had a miscarriage.

I've realised I ovulated on day 19 (not day 14) - does that mean that i'm 'less pregnant' at under 5 weeks so no wonder they wouldn't see anything? Bleeding has stopped now and still no pain.

I had a miscarriage in april and it was different to this

grateful for advice
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replied July 28th, 2005

you've probably found out by now but just in case, when I had early bleeding with my first baby, they couldn't see anything on the ultrasound but they felt it was because it was so early on. So they did an ultrasound vaginally and the baby was fine and easy to see that way. So, yes it is possible that the baby maybe to small to see using normal ultrasound.
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