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4 Year Old Who Lives In a Fantasy World

My little four year old nephew lives in a fantasy world brought on by video games, computer games, and movies like spiderman. Now I cant control him because im not his mother, and the doctor has told my sister to change his diet but he still eats mcdonalds and stuff so I doubt we will see results. What could possibly be wrong with him? He is constantly playing out characters in cartoons and video games and never seems to come back to reality. I think a lot of it has to do with his dad, my sister and him are divorced and the guy has no clue how to take care of kids, so when hes with him all they do is watch action movies and play video games.

Could it just be that he does too much of that or could he possibly have some sort of mental problem? He doesnt talk clearly, and while he does say some things, its hard to make out and his words seem empty, like he is copying sounds and doesnt know what it means. He doesnt pay attention, he doesnt listen. I just want to know what he has :-(. Its so depressing and frustrating.
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replied October 23rd, 2005
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Sounds like he could have some type of develoment delay, and speach develoment/inpedoment(sp?)... Also your nephews fantacys, it could just be his imagination. It's a four year old being a four year old.
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