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do you get shooting back pains with anxiety?
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I have recently been feeling lightheaded, week, tight throat, very fast heart rate at rest (120bpm), im always scared im going to die. I went to a doctor several times and he gave me some pills for anxiety since blood tests came back fine and the ekg came back fine as well. I am getting a chest xray today but the doctor thinks its nothing more then anxiety.

However, ive recently been feeling alot of shooting back pains. Im wondering if this comes along with anxiety, and if anyone else gets these shooting back pains. Im 18 years of age.

Please help!
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replied July 20th, 2005
Extremely eHealthy
Hi dana iii, your whole body can be in pain and you can feel like you are going to have a heart attack with anxiety and stress, I am no dr but the 1st thing you need to learn to do is breathe correctly, join a support group and talk to aa professional, not necessarily in that order. Keep us informed.
Good luck!
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