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Lump under my tongue. Size of a fat lima bean or bigger. Lump is painless.

Went to physician's assistant - ordered a salivary flow test. He scares me b/c he didn't know what the sublingual gland was. He's been in the ent business for 15 yrs. Dr is great, but I would have had to wait at least 1-2 weeks to see him.

In the text i've read about this it says that if the lump remains after 1 month, it should be seen right away. And that high rate of malignancy in sublingual gland. So understandably i'm concerned.

Have you heard of a high rate of simple cysts (non malignant) in this area? Can it be a lymph node as opposed to the salivary gland (or are they the same thing?

Ps. I have been told I have sjogren's syndrome, hypothyroidism (take synthroid), rheumatoid arthritis, salivary stones (but they are painful).

-concerned in ct.
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