Hey there, i’m new on here and kinda need some help…

basically me and my family have come to the conclusion that my boyfriend is going through some problems, and I don’t think he realises that he may have a disorder of some kind? I know there are a few topics on this but I just have to make sure..

Ok he believes/thinks that:

- everyone is ‘twisted’ and can’t be trusted. He can tell whether or not someone is evil just by looking at them for 2 seconds. By looking into people’s eyes can see what they’re like, they’re eyes are like a deep hole, or looking down whilst stood on the edge of a cliff.
- he was born to help people, take away the pain and suffering of the world, heal people who are ‘messed up’ and have problems, just by wrapping himself around them but not literally, with what he explained to be maybe his spirit or wings.. That there is a line: people who are born good on one side, people who were born purely evil the other, then the balanced in the middle. He believes he is on the good side. He thinks about this every night, and suffers from lack of sleep.
- when he looks in the mirror it doesn’t feel as if it’s himself staring back.
- sometimes finds it hard to make conversation with me, and will just say he’s ok just in deep thought but looks withdrawn and as if he’s daydreaming?
- thinks I deserve better, i’m too good for him, and he can’t see why I like him.
- sometimes he’s really affectionate and can be possessive and obsessive, and then he changes and puts me down making feel stupid, and becomes withdrawn.
- he has this reoccurring vision or something along those lines, and has really bad dreams that he won’t describe to me but says they aren’t nightmares.

That’s about it, well what I know of.

I don’t know what it could be, but I thought it may be something along the lines of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder; they seem pretty similar to me from what i’ve read? It’s a bit long but some help would be awesome and well appreciated.

Thanks :)
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replied July 22nd, 2005
:? Hi my old best friend used to have that prblem and here name is catlyn and now she is in the mental hospital cause she got so out of control when she thought this dude was the devils child but I still never found out what its called.
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replied July 23rd, 2005
The best thing you can do is to continue to encourage help. Which I realize may be hard to do considering his thinking patterns. It's possible it could be bipolar, some of his thoughts sort of fit into mania but the only way to really know is to have a professional diagnose him.
Sorry that wasn't much help.
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replied August 6th, 2005
Personality Disorders
Hi pulmonary archery,

it sounds to me like your boyfriend has at least three of the personality disorders. It's common for them to co-occur. I disagree that he has bipolar or schizophrenia.

Firstly, his notion that people can't be trusted and that he can tell whether a person is good or evil by looking in their eyes sounds to me like paranoid personality disorder.

Secondly, his idea that he was born to take away the pain and suffering of the world and the the opposite idea that you deserve better and are too good for him are classic sign of narcississtic personality disorder. This is the one I feel most strongly about. Contrary to the name, people with this disorder have very damaged self-esteem.

The last disorder I would suggest is schizoid, possibly from how he looks in the mirror and doesn't feel it's himself staring back.

It's quite easy to find info on the personality disorders. Just google them.

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