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Low Iron During Preg

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I went to the docter the other day I am 32 wks I was having a lot of headaches and feeling tired all the time and my feet are really swollen they found out my iron was low so they gave me iron tablets and they really upset my stomach anyone here ever have that problem? Also I am a nannny for 2 twins they are both 1 and I work 40 hours a wk im tired all the time and this job is getting harder should I leave for materity leave or try to wait longer. How long should a pregnant woman work?
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replied July 16th, 2005
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I know a friend of mine worked right up until she had her son, but then again, he came when she was about 36 weeks.... So I don't know... Ask ur doc and see what he/she wants u to do. Good luck :)
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