I just came across this board today and first want to say how wonderful it is. I've been reading through some posts and really just need some suggestions.
I'm 22, on the pill and always have very regular periods.
This week I got my "period". Typically, I am very heavy the first few days, then normal. This week, has been very very light (enough for a tampon the first couple of days, but not needed the rest). I've been having some severe symptoms though, and when I talked to my mom today, her first question-are you pregnant?
Symptoms include: nausea (no throwing up), extreme fatigue, headaches, abdominal pains (not period cramps, much different). This morning I took my inhaler as I do pretty often, and literally started gagging-almost throwing up, this has never happened before, and I did nothing differently. Smells have been bothering me. Food that I normally love is just disgusting to me now...And I have been craving peppermint patties like crazy!
Also, I started feeling kind of lousy about 2, maybe 3 weeks ago-almost like a daily hangover (haven't drank lately). Oh, i'd probably be about 6 weeks along if so...
Any suggestions, comments or help would be greatly appreciated!
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replied July 16th, 2005
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Hey there, what u waiting for?, do a test!, if your about 6 weeks, u'll definately get a accurate result from a hpt!.
I had all those symtoms, exactly like u described, are your boob /nipples sore?
I had my first symtoms about 1 week before I found out I was pg, which should of been to early for them, but anyway I did a test the day before my af was due and I got a big fat positive!.
Let me know what happens!
Good luck
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