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Myhusband Just Had Brain Surgury :(

Hello folks!

About 3 years ago, out of the blue, my husband had a grand mal seizure. After tests and hospitalization, he was diagnosed with adult onset epilepsy.

He was fine for the first 2 years on tegretol only, then this last year started having episodes of confusion and disorientation, increasing in quantity and intensity. After 2 hospitalizations, many more tests (the wada being the worse for him) he was said to be having partial complex seizures, coming from the left temporal lobe. Also an mri showed a cyst there too.

The last 2 months he was having up to 50 a day, unable to work or drive and his quality of life so poor. Only option left, since meds no longer helped and diagnosed now with intractible seizures, was brain surgury. Last week he had the first surgury, in which they implanted 4 strips directly on the brain to "map" the seizures to know for absolutely certain their point of origin. He had many, and every one of them was from the left temporal lobe. Last wednesday he had the surgury where they removed the cyst, the tip and the base of the left temporal lobe, in hopes of alleviating or completely stopping any further seizures.

Well, all went well. We came home today. He is alittle slow in processing his thoughts, and too we were warned of some short term memory loss that would be permenant, the extent right now unknown. But so far no seizures since surgury.

My husband is 37 years old, and otherwise a normal healthy guy.

Will keep all posted and anyone can certainly feel free to contact me if they are going through similar situation or considering surgury, or have had the surgury. Or just want someone to talk to.

My heart goes out to anyone else out there that has been through this.

Thank you.


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replied July 15th, 2005
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I had the exact same thing
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replied July 15th, 2005
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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. I hope you can find a support group or just get out once in a while and give yourself a brake. I am sure it has been difficcult for you.
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