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Feels Like Throat Is Closing An No Air

I am a newbie and I ned some advice!
I know this may sound silly, but if I am sewing and get stuck by a needle, or get cut by a knife while cooking, my throat instantly tightens up and I struggle for air. Sometimes I wake up choking like this.
This morning, I went to swallow a pill and it felt like it was stuck. I started gasping for air and ran up to my daughter's room for help.
She simply told me that I was alright and to calm down.
I finally did, but I have a very sore throat.
Now i'm scared to take my pills.
What do you think?
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replied July 15th, 2005
I think your daughter is right. Keep calm, believe me you'll know when your choking on a pill, and you won't be running up stairs. That shortness of breath at night or the feeling of choking at night, can't breath. Get your adnoids checked and possibly for sleep apnia. Just an idea.
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