Hi everyone.

Ok well here we go....When I was 3-4 I was diagnosed with having lazy eye (turning outward- exotropia) and was patched on the said eye...Now being 4 years old and getting asked every second of everyday "whats wrong with your eye...You look silly etc..." I didnt likewearing them and took them off for sports or peeked over the top of the glasses for studying so I had to have surgury...This worked great iuntil I was 18 years old and then it reverted back outward.... This caused me to me a recluse and not want to meet anybody and thus slumped into severe depression....Even the ormand street hospital in london said another op was a waste of time (great help they were) but at age 23 a wonderful lady in my local sussex hospital said it was not a problem at all and (after much asking) I managed to get my op day fowarded 4 months and the op was a complete success... Since this my confidence soared, I married a woman I met a few days before the op 6 months after and now we live in japan with two beautiful daughters.

Now my question is this...Everyday I look in the mirror and am scared that I will wake up one day and my eye will turn out again or worse..Am I on borrowed time here..Do I only have a limited time to enjoy this cosmetic look...Or is there a chance it will last out with me? I'm 28 years old now

should I be doing eye excercises?

I feel so stressed about this as my job involves meeting lots of people everyday and I sometimes model for magazines and tv commercials here.

My eye does get very red after ive had a sleep but it is stable.

Can someone give me an idea of how long correction surgury can last in adults?Can it be perminent?

Sorry to ramble on a bit?

Thank you to all who read this.
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First Helper vitalize

replied April 22nd, 2009
my daughter has a turn in her eye which could result in surgery. could you tell me what you look for so i can find imformation.Thanks
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