I was wondering if anybody knew anything about this ear problem I have.

It started about 4 years ago after I returned from flrida on a vacation. Whenever I lay down and sometimes when i'm standing, my right ear clicks. It happens when i'm laying down and I inhale. I hear a click for every breath I take. I feel no pain at all, but the sound is unbearable.

To accompany that sound, my leaft and right jaw cracks everytime I open my jaw wide. What's wrong with me? And what can I do to stop it? Is it serious?
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replied July 20th, 2005
Re: Ear Cracking And Jaw Popping
Very tiny sounds in those areas can seem loud because they are transmitted directly to the ear. The popping sound could well be your eustachian tubes closing up a bit or your adenoids touching the sides of your throat. To me it sounds more like a 'tick' than a 'pop'. I get this on occasion when something such as an infection has caused irritation.

Having your jaw crack can lead to serious problems and should get checked out. But the first place to go is to a dentist. I had the problem for over ten years. When I happened to go to a new dentist he asked if my jaw cracked. I said yes. He shaved down a filling on a molar that he saw was obviously too high. I immediately felt that my mouth felt 'straight, and the cracking ceased.
If your teeth check out ok, do see an md.
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