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Red Painful Patch of Skin On Pelvis

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I have recently noticed a red painful area in my pubic region. When I press it it really hurts. The ob says it is probably a boil and put me on an antibiotic. It hurts in my lower and upper abdomen so I don't see how it is just a boil. I had an ultrasound (history of complex ovarian cysts) because I figured I had a futbol in there and there was one little one on my left ovary. Majority of pain on the right.

Any ideas?
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replied July 14th, 2005
Rest assured your experiences with cysts is reason enough not to be completely satisfied . Have you considered currently finding out what alternate pathways to restore you to your maximum health through health store venues if you have any further concerns feel free to ask any more questions and I will see if I can help :)
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