i had a partial hysterectomy in 1998 and now have been contemplating the possibility of becoming pregnant...

Is anyone aware of any new developments in medical research that could make this dream a reality?

From what I understand, it is possible but highly unlikely to become pregnant therefore, if this were to occur, the baby would have no suitable placenta to implant and nothing to form a protective sac making the pregnancy life threatening.

I was just hoping that there is a new development somewhere out there which could make this possible...Has anyone heard any hopeful news?????
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replied August 18th, 2005
Am I Pregnant. Plz Help
Hi I need you help, I have recently had sex with my boyfriend, I had just come off my period and thought it was safe to experience in sexual intercources without protection and not get pregnant so I did this. It was later in the month and I found out that my boyfriend didnt like to wear condoms so I agreed to go through wit this and take the emergency contraceptive. I did this a number of times but he was sure I couldnt get pregnant as I came near the end of my pderiod free 3 weeks so we had sex again this time with out anything. I didnt experience any morning sickness or feel light headed. I am not 6 days late, and I am worried I am pregnant. I dont know if this is the effect of the two morning after pills I have taken though, like I said before I am not feeling ill, or having any stomach pains or headaches. I am now ggetting worried though and am not sure what is goin on, it has all happend so fast, can u help me? Xxx
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