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History of Complex Ovarian Cysts But Now New Weird Symptom??

Hi there I am 28 years old and have had two confirmed relatively small complex cysts. One was 3 cm and the other 5 cm. Both eventually responded to bc. I went off the pill two months ago in order to get ready to try for a second child. I have since been having pain during intercourse but had an out of ordinary symptom that I noticed today. I discovered a red patch of skin (about the size of a quarter) at the top of my pubic region which I believe is directly over my right ovary. When I lightly touch it it sends a deep sharp pain and feels like the ovary pain I have known.

Does anybody know what this could be? Related or not related to the ovarian cyst. I have been only with my husband the last 8 years of my life and there is no knowledge of stds.
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