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Leg Jerks

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I recently went through 2 major back surgery's for lumbar fusion of l4-l5. Since having the surgery the back pain has continued although not as bad, but the big problem now is leg jerks/spasms when I lay down or sit. I did not have the leg jerks prior to the surgery. Has anyone had this problem? I am seeing a pain management doctor and I am scheduled for a epidural injection to try to help with the pain and he started me on neurontin for the leg spasms, but that is not helping. I have gotten no explanation as to why I am having the leg spasms, or if the back surgery had anything to do with it, and exactly what is causing it. Is it a nerve problem, muscle problem, neurological problem. Help! I would love to here from anyone that has had this problem. :?
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First Helper weazerone

replied January 30th, 2006
Leg Jerks..
Could be a condiiton called clonus. Involuntary leg movements. Pease google it to ind out more.
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replied February 10th, 2012
Nerve damage
My Doctor says Neurologists are prescribing Botox injections at the affected area....Has anyone heard of this?
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