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Scared 4 Weeks Post Op And New Bleeding And Pain

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I am 4 weeks post op from a tah for endometrosis and had complications in the hospital. I ended up with severe bruising over 4 feet on left side of my stomach around my back and down my legs. The dr told me it was positioning in the or I have never heard of that . Then I had to have 2 transufussions I had my hct drop from 40 to 9 and was told they have no clue why as my total blood loss in the or was 200cc. I then had a bladder infection.
I was finally doing a tad bit better and now had severe pain in my flank area on the left side and am bleeding like a period . I called the dr and they told me this is part of healing. Have any of you felt like this at 4 weeks.
Also should I ask for an u/s just to be sure everything is ok ?
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replied August 23rd, 2005
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I think that it is all of our responsiblity to make sure that we are okay. Especially since only you know what is wrong with ya. I know that I had the surgery a little over 4 mths ago, and within the last 6 weeks I have bleed 4 times, and they are trying to tell me its normal, although my family dr is saying that it doesnt sound right. I have all the normal problems bleeding and cramping although my surgery included the removal of the ovaries and the uteras....So why am I bleeding. Dont know yet. Although I am going to find out. Sometimes you just need a 2nd opinion.
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