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Mental Results After a Hernia

Having a hernia can be very radical. What were your reactions to this?

When I discovered I had a hernia, I was already suffering from pain in my back for five years. My doctor didn’t take me serious (when the complains began I was only fifteen years old) and thought I had growing pains. :lol: after the discovery I was a bit depressed and blamed my doctor for everything. Fortunately, I was in therapy with a really good back-doctor who encouraged me to be really honest to my doctor and tell him how I felt.
When I did that, the doctor was really shocked by how I felt about the situation. I was very surprised when he admitted he had been wrong an apologised.
Exactly what I wanted to hear. :wink:

after that, the real misery began. Guilt feelings. For five years I had been in pain and people told me nothing was wrong. Well, okey… let’s carry that heavy box then, and let’s be very enthusiastic while I was sporting.
When I look back I listened so bad to my body. I ignored it. That’s why it feels like I destroyed my back myself. It broke now… I felt like I was old and handicapped.
Sometimes I feel like a child of welfare. In prehistorical times I would be dead by now… and more weird thoughts. :(

after that I totally switched to the other side. Lying down whole days, don’t burden it. No more sporting, going out, shopping and all the other things that could make it worse. I envied the people who could easily walk for hours.:oops:
with help from the same back-doctor I now have a balance in burden/not burden. Slowly I am getting back my life how it used to be. I am still busy with that, a year and a half after my hernia.
Nowadays (i’m 21 years old now) it goes very well. I am very conscious now of my body and what is good for me. It changed me a lot. 8)

are there people who have also experiences with mental results like this after their hernia?

Ps. My englisch may be a bit bad, i'm sorry for that
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