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One Bump On Penis After Oral Sex And Dry Sex

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I got head the about 2 days ago from this chick...We didn’t have sex...We did grind into each others privates without any clothes on though. And I ate her out. It’s been a couple days and I have this one bump on the side of my dick in the middle like between the head and the bottom. I have been picking at it...And have tried 2 pop it...But it won’t pop. What could this be? Like if it was herpes wouldn’t I have gotten them on my mouth 2 since I kissed her and ate her out? Is this like a std or like nothing 2 worry about?
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replied August 16th, 2009
I had this 2 weeks after receiving head and it ended up being herpes. I didn't know this until o gad already given it to my wife Sad. The only way I confirmed it was gereoes was having a culture test from the outbreak pimple. I even had herpes specific tests done later that didn't show anything. A few months later I heard that the person who gave me herpes gave it someone else too and didn't even know he had it, yet passes it on to two people.

I got it from a man giving me head. My advice to you after this is to always shower immediately after having any kind if sex. I think if I had, I would have not got herpes. Now I live with it like a cold sore.
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