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replied July 10th, 2005
1. Numbness in my limbs, whole body really
2. Constant worry over my health
3. Extreme fatigue (nacolepsy)
4. Avoid situations b/c of fear of getting sick (activity, traveling, sex)
5. Headaches
6. Stomache pain (gas, nasuea)
7. Chest pain
8. Feeling of being "out of it"
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replied July 10th, 2005
Experienced User
1. Constant fear that im gonna drop over dead from a health problem.
3. Palpations
4.Out of it feeling
5.Head pains
6. Eye tricks
9.Ears ringing
man I coudnt name all my symptoms it would take me forver
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replied June 12th, 2006
Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Ptsd
On the fear of being a hypochondriac well really think I am but what I feel is real, my symptoms are: 1.) headaches everyday 2.) eye tick left 3.)shakiness 4.) gritting my teeth awake and at sleep 5.) can't stand loud noises and bright lights 6.) ringing in my ears 7.) can't sleep or sleep to much 8.) stomach aches all the time 9.) nausea + sometimes vomiting 10.) leg muscle cramping very painful 11.)racing thoughts 12.) loss and gain of weight never that much at a time 13.)diarhea and or constipation 14.) anger 15.) sadness 16.) hoplessness 17.) and the will to go on 18.) lonely 19.) confused, as I heard from someone else I could go on 20.) the main one is I just don't want to do it anymore it's tiring in it's self trying to get diagnosed and trying to diagnose myself...
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replied June 12th, 2006
Experienced User
Fear of dying obviously
fear of goign mental
hard to breathe
pain in chest or over rib
fast heartbeat
and the one that I get the most and that scares me and probably the main reaso I have anxiety is palpitations
ill be sitting there my heart will thump or have 2 or 3 beats that seem outta place it can happen chillin or jogging anytime realy sometimes ill take a deep breath and ill feel my heart in my throat do a beats and it scares me maybe its cuz im skinny and I feel it more who knows but yea...
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replied June 14th, 2006
Experienced User
-fear of dying
-heart palpitations (racing and out of rhythm)
-chest pain
-severe headaches on one side
-shortness of breath
-pain in my limbs
-tingling hands and feet "asleep" feeling
-muscle twitching
-feeling of being shocked up the sides of my neck
-sudden hot flashes
-numbness in various places
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replied June 15th, 2006
My Symptoms
I dont feel all these things at one given time, it varies, although sometimes I do feel most of these at once: (some of these are depression mixed with anxiety)

- fear of dying or feeling of wanting to die or escape (from the future??)
- feeling that I can't face life, can't face the future, it looks black or impossible - long dark tunnel, but not sure why exactly
- extreme tiredness, fatigue (and a feeling i'll stop breathing and die)
- dizziness and sick feeling
- loss of appetite (lost weight and cant put it back on again)
- hot headed and light headed feelings
- pressure feelings in my head or a "fizzy" feeling in my head
- feel like i'm emotionally "breaking down" inside
- feel like I can't breathe
- pains in chest (dont often get this though)
- lump in throat or tightness around throat and lymph nodes under chin
- really tired when I wake up first thing, and really tired again in evening, but also tired all day but not as much as first and last thing in a day
- fear of losing control or breaking down
- time seems to have slowed up and seems to drag
- can't sleep - trying not to think and worry about things, but thoughts race through mind as try to sleep. (i usually pray which nearly always gets me to sleep if i'm struggling to relax!)
- restless and difficulty in relaxing

i think we should all congratulate ourselves in living with such a difficult condition, and the way in which we are dealing with it all - you are doing better than you think, guys, well done!
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replied July 14th, 2011
lets see, fear of dying,insomnia,mood swings,chest pains,twitches and tingling in my face,ears and body,ringing in my ears,lightheaded and dizziness,worry and stress over everything.
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