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I Am So Depressed, Stresssssssssd, Sad, Angry Today

I am just here, cause I do not know what else to do at this moment
i have such a low tolerance of stress

my vcr/dvd combo thing is hooked up, but it is not playing on the tv
i put on channel 3 even though the tv is not that old
ugh, it worked before, and I just had to walk away

i am an adult, and yet I want to throw a temper tantrum

really not handling things that go wrong as well as I use to

i miss my crazy boyfriend, I am just still in the mourning process, have to think of everything negative he did, the abuse, the yelling him scareing me

i just pray I can find someone with his positive attributes
being alone, sucks
i miss his friendship, just hanging out, and hugs,kisses
all of the good stuff

i got tapes from the library, on chakraas, I am trying to be a better person, learn and grow and get over my breakup, etc, be kind to myself,
and it is a set series, 12 tapes, and I lost one! I can't find one tape! :cry:

i am praying that I wil find it soon, I can not believe this
i am always reponsible,

guess I have been way too stressed out
i can not afford this 12 tape series, ugh caroyln myss...

I pray I can find it, god!!!!!! I need one miracle
i am embrassed that I have become irresponsible, ugh

stress can make you and your life a living heck

thanks for listening, even if no one writes to this
it helps me get to the next moment

thank god for this forum/board

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replied July 9th, 2005
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When you feel worst about yourself, go find a way to help someone else who is even worse off than you...
It'll be the last thing you want to do but the thing you must do

when you see someone in need, you cannot feel as bad as you did, and you wind up feeling good for taking that wasted energy and putting it to good use

soon, the positive energy you begin to carry exudes from you and you attract other healthy people into your life

you may want to volunteer at a food distribution center, or serve a meal at a soup kitchen, or just help at a daycare for a single day, it's amazing the effect
they said people who volunteer are 16 times more likely to outlive those who do not, and it's because of the solid positive impact it has
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replied July 11th, 2005
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replied July 18th, 2005
If you need a way to release stress, go to a local gym. On top of relieving stress, you can get in shape, stay busy and active, and meet new friends.

If your boyfriend left you, thats his lost. You'll find somene better. Love yourself first.
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replied July 20th, 2005
Hey, I know exactly what you mean about your boyfriend, mine broke up with me two weeks ago and it is hard! Sometimes I really just want to hug him but other times I realise I was thinking about breaking up with him too, I couldnt bring myself to trust him and he was always breaking up with me over nothing then wanting to get back together about two or three weeks later. This time I have made a firm decision not to get back with him. I suggest dat u do the same, although its hard and you miss their company and being to talk to someone, he was abusive and thats all there is to it. Be strong gurl. Xxoo
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