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16 Weeks Pregnant And Question

Hi I am 19 years old and I am almost 16 weeks pregnant. I go on july 19th for my first sonogram, what are the chances of them knowing what sex my baby is?? I am so excited I want to know so bad, but I dont know if you can tell at 17 weeks. I'm also kind of nervous about my first sono, the doctor didn't want to give me one until she could see the chambers of the heart and test for down sydrome all at the same time. What am I to expect. My fianace believe that we are having a boy and he will only look at pick out boy names, I don't want him to be disapointed if we find out we are having a girl, because his dream is to have him grow up and play baseball and catch with eachtoher in the backyard. Well I will quit rambling... Also I am due on christmas day of 05, but I guess I will know for sure when im due on the 19th.
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replied July 9th, 2005
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They'll probably be able to tell you what you are having- depending on what way the baby decides to lie on the day (sometimes they won't co-operate at all)

it's funny- I didn't much care what I was having the first time around- but when they told us it was a girl, we both just teared up straight away, and decided that we must've wanted a girl the whole time.
I'm sure if they'd said "boy" we would've felt exactly the same.
Don't worry about your husband being dissapointed with a girl- she'll be his little princess, and i'm sure she'll love playing catch in the backyard with her daddy.
We were quietly hoping for another girl this time though- 'cos I think a girl needs a sister, and my husband is always keen for girls he has 3 brothers so he's over boys. We found out we were indeed having another girl at my 20 week scan- and even though we were both delighted with the news, we both admitted to feeling a little pang of loss for the boy that it could have been - just for a moment !!!!!!!
You'll be delighted whatever they tell you.
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