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can someone tell me what is going on.. Please!

Okay, I am 24, under a lot of stress (2 kids, 18.5 months, 8 months, and hubby in iraq). I got an iud which sprung these headaches back into motion. ( I have not had them for a few years). However, my ears burn, and the left side of my face tingles and becomes numb. When it first happened I thought it was a stroke, but I figured that wold be instantaneous. Now, it happens every night. Then the headache sets in. Also, if I turn my head to the left for an extended period of time, my left arm starts tingling. I feel light headed, and extremely exhausted. So, I don't know if I am having migrains, and a nerve issue, or if it is just the migraine. I do know it hurts so bad, to the point I think I have been pummled with a crow bar and my head is about to implode. Can you guys help me figure out what this is? I am going to the doc tomorrow morning, but it is an army hospital so I will be sent on my merry way with naproxen.

Thanks for any help.
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replied August 17th, 2005
Thanks So Much
Hello jack60. Wow your e-mail came at the perfect moment! It worked!! Thank you thank you. I recently saw a chiro, and he said I had two pinched nerves. He adjusted me, and I did great for two weeks, then I picked up my son, and everything went out of wack again. This should give me relief until I can get back to him.

Thanks so much again. Have a great... Week, month, etc etc. :)
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