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I Really Messed Up My Cycle...

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Okay so I accidently took my first birth control pill on a random weekday not even thinking about the whole starting the sunday after ur period/24 hrs of the first day deal. I didn't take the second pill until the monday after my period since my sun pill was gone, which makes an almost two week gap in between my first and second pill. To top that off, i've been taking them at eradic times, one of my pills fell down the drain, I forgot to take the pill after that one, and took two at once when I realized this. I know, I know, stupid. But the thing is im not taking this for pregancy, im taking it for pain and irregularity and hair reduction....I was just wondering where should I go from here? Am I okay or should I consult a doctor. Today I noticed bleeding, im not sure if its spotting or what....Help!
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replied July 5th, 2005
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Where are you in the pills now? Have you taken a whole month's worth? If you've taken most, I would continue from now on to take them every day. Once you start on your next pack make sure you take them regularly every day. It will take awhile to get your cycle back on track.. But it will get there. Just don't miss any days!
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replied July 7th, 2005
My goodness! :) try asking your doctor about the patch. I think it's ortho-evra? This way, you just slap one on once a week and forget about it! Well, until it's time to put a new one on... Or perhaps some of the injections can give you the same benefits.

If you have a cell phone, set a daily alarm for the time you should take it. I had to do that the first time I started taking bc pills. Talk to your doctor about starting over, too. S/he may want you to quit for a month and restart them with a clean slate.

Good luck!
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