i am mussi and come from germany. The doctors here don't have much experience with post nasal drip so I hope you can help me.
Well, I suffer from pnd since last year when I had a bad cold. I don't know what to do. I got different nose sprays, tried to clean my nose with salt water but it all didn't help.
My nose membrane is swollen! I can sometimes hardly breath!But the main problem is my bad breath! I heard the pnd can be caused by the swollen nose membrane, is it right? But the question is, why is the nose swollen, are there still any bacterias? My doctor didn't find any. So my question: will the pnd stop if I let laser my swollen membranes or is it not sure?

Hope you can help me, thanks a lot!
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replied August 26th, 2005
Electric Toothbrush
I highly recommend you try a high quality electric toothbrush. I use the soniccare elite 7500 model and it will properly clean your teeth. Spend 120-150.00 on one of these babies and you'll notice the difference in like 2-3 days. Your teeth will actually start getting whiter again too. That is how you will know it was your poor brushing technique all along.

Forget nasal drip, try having some really clean teeth for a change. Trust me on this fella. I had some really poor brushing technique and even though I used to brush like a madman, it just didnt do the job properly. An electric toothbrush handles the technique for you.

Here's another test you can try, get a black light and look at your teeth in the mirror. Are they brownish or glowing white? The plaque is totally visible in the black light. Just because you think your teeth are clean does not mean they are. 99% of bad breath is due to bacteria in the gums/teeth. As for the tounge, well... Once your teeth get really clean then the tounge will sort of take car of itself.
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