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Delusional Behavior, My Boyfriend Does Not Believe Me

My ex bf was diganosed with bipolar
however, recently he has been acting so delusional, he does not believe me on basically everything

i had no choice but to leave him, he became crazy, spit in my face told me to leave at 2 am, he woke me up from a deep sleep

hours before we laughed as we watched daily show and leno

i do not understand

he keeps saying I am a [tramp], has said I said and done thing which is compeletly false, I can take a lie detector test
and any kind of drug test

my ex has been sending repeated emails,saying I am a drug addict
i am an alcholoic, and a [tramp],
i somehow manage to sleep with his neighbors, I do not even know any of his neighbors

i feel like a fool for loving him, I thought I knew him
i did not know how messed up his thinking is

i do not know what is wrong with him
it feels eerry, I feel sick to my stomach thinking about it
he was so charming, and kind, and I was so proud of him
now he is mean
i pray for my safety

any advice would be helpful

he never said he sees things that are not there
but something is not normal about his thinking...........
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replied June 27th, 2005
Experienced User
Definatly sounds like bi polar to me, or in other terms manic depressive. My father has it, and something my mom told me kinda sparked when you mentioned how you two were laughing and having a good time a few hours before he flipped out on you. Well a manic depressive/bi polar is to where they will be at one extreme or the other, really happy or really mean, and my mom used to say when my dad would get really bubbly and happy and cheerful shed get scared because then she knew the happier he got, the meaner he was going to be later when his downfall time came.

I think bi polar can have kind of a dulusional state to it, my dad would swear people were saying things to him, or he swears all the time, I know that person, ive seen that person before, or hed hear voices that would tell him to do things. And those kind of thoughts could lead to your ex thinking you were sleeping with other men or something, probably because he was so worried about loosing you his mind went into a state of over protectiveness, and so was making him think the worst of everything because you were probably what was most dear to him.

You cant be in a relationship with a man like that, he needs to get help, they can become extremely violent, ive seen it from my father (they are divorced now if that doesnt tell you anything) he is on meds, and if he takes them regularly hes a good man, and hes improved alot, but he still can get crazy sometimes. Please be safe, dont be alone with him, if you do talk to him you should encourage him to get on medication, or maybe you should talk to his doctor, he'll only get worse if he doesnt get help, and I wish you the best of luck, stay safe, god bless : )
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replied July 6th, 2005
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That also just sounds like someone who is bi polar to me as well. My brother in law and sister were both bi polar ( yes it was a scary relationship) he thought someone was always watching there house and that they were going to break in... He slept with a gun under his pillow... The same one that he eventually shot himself in the head with. He beat my sister and always talked about the "black" men who were breaking into the house when he was at work. Be very very careful.. Luckily my sister is married again now to a wonderful patient man and had 2 children but I can only imagine her life with him if he had not killed himself.
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