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Could I Be? Ohhh I'll Be So Happy!!!! Are These Signs?

Ok me and my husband have been trying to get prego for a year and i've been noticing that my boobs have been getting larger at the nipple area and when I push on it hurts like a shooting pain but the color hasnt changed a whole lot just a litlle darker well thats what my husband says any ways my stomach hurts every now and then. When I push on it its a little harder on the left side not much. And sometimes when im sitting down and get up real fast I get a little light headed but thats only been going on since today so am I preg or just reply thank you so much!!! Tia

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replied June 28th, 2005
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Probaly are pregnant or agitated you need to see a doctor to do a blood test, I was pregnant for 12 weeks and the tests were all negative so I didnt stop my mad life style and went out the next day went to the doctors and bamb a positive
good luck lisa
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