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Im and I dont no why people worry if you love men u love men if you love women u love women if you love both you love both you cant change who you love so dont try to hide it you need to be proud of what you are or it could ruin your life and thats not good if you are a girl and love guys but sometimes wish you could have fun with a girl so what you might be bi you might try it but soem people think about them sort of things because they wonder what its like so dont get having a breakdown or hiding things because one lie leads to another and before you know it your entire life will be gone and no one will ever trust you and then you will be ocnfused the best thing to do is be open but yes I know thats easy to say and hard to do but you gotta try ... Alot ..... I never sed it would be easy it would probably be the hardest thing you ever do facing up two what you are a nd addmitting it to people but if you do you will see a change in your life !!!!! Of course you dont have to listern to be but talk the advice from some one like that who recked their life forever but now ive made it better but it took along time and now im trying to stop people from doing what I did !!!!!!!!
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