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Ok-can someone tell me whats up? I am soo scared! I was tested 9 months ago negative-this is what is going on with me now

i got soar throat, swollen glands, with white puss on them, I have been sweating at night-3 nights in a row-i never sweat at night! And this high fever---im so freaked out, can someone tell me if those are definite signs?
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replied June 25th, 2005
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Since you were tested 9 months ago have you had unprotected sex and when you were tested how long had it been since you had last had unprotected sex... The test must be taken at least 3' months after you had last had unprotected sex. But it sounds like to me strep throat... Got to the doctor and ask aboput your concerns... And get tested for strep throat I dont know why you would jump to conculsions of hiv... Dont do anything that would risk your health like this! Please reply with the out come good luck... I hope everything turns out well and I do hope it is strep throat!
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