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Quit Drinking, How Long Until the "liver Pain" Goe

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Question: how long does it usually take for the pain to go away after the last day of drinking?

I am like the original poster of this topic in that i've been drinking heavily for 10 years (31 y/o male)....And 4 days ago had my first bout of "liver pain"....Pain in the right-upper quadrant of my abdomen.

I haven't drank since 4 days ago when the pain first appeared, and now the pain is manageable in that it is subsiding enough to be able to sleep....And I expect it to go away soon.

I am going to experiment tonight, and drink a beer very slowly to find out if the pain is really due to a liver problem or if it was some kind of muscle strain....Maybe have a couple beers to see if the pain does come back, and if it does, then I know what I am up against.

Thanks for any help,
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replied August 1st, 2005
In Response to Your Pain
Man, you are literally playing with your life! If you have been diagnosed w/hepc or liver damage, I promise you that your "experiment" should not be considered a form of pain management !
I'm not gonna "preach" to you as I am a firm believer in "live and let live". Just hurts my heart to hear of another young life is going to be taken because of alcohol. Such a big deal is made out of weed and cigarettes and I would bet "the farm" that statistics would prove that alcohol kills more people and precludes more health issiues/problems than tobacco. They wanna talk about secondhand smoke, uuummm, what about all of the innocent people that are killed or paralyzed or are reduced to a vegetative state as a result of someones drinking?
Like I said man,not "singin' to da' choir" it just hurts my heart for you as I know the long agonizing death resulting from drinking too much. I've been watching my beautiful 40 year old sister suffering from the ravishing affects of alcohol for 5 years. Believe me, it's not pretty.
The really sad part is that she has a 10 year old son that has watched her suffer for half of his life and now,over the next few weeks, he will watch her die. And go to her funeral.
Please don't take your pain lightly
bye the way, yes, I drink, occasionally and no , I don't smoke. I chose to quit a few years ago, but I do still enjoy a cigarette occasionally.
Good luck
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