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Dry Humping Does Not=pregnancy; Understandable.. But ???

Hi, I have a crazy question.. Hoping someone here might know the answer!...

Recently my boyfriend and I were intimate, knowing that I was fertile, we did not have intercourse. But my boyfriend masterbated, and came
and then gave me a hand job (sorry for the terms, not sure how to describe!)

so the question would be, is it possible to get pregnant that way? Through transferance I guess it would be?!?! I did get my period this month but it only lasted a day and a half, and it was very light bleeding.. (i ususally have 5 days of heavy bleeding!)

can anyone re-assure me that it is impossible to get pregnant this way?
Help answer a.S.A.P...

I have not taken a pg test yet!
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replied June 23rd, 2005
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Yes you can get pregnant that way. If sperm enterd the vigina on his hand then yes. Get a pregnancy test done if you are 2 weeks late this way your hcg level will able to be see be a hpt.
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