sorry if this is in the wrong topic.

Anyway I have been very anxious about this for a couple weeks..

It was the last day of my period (i am pretty sure it was atleast) and I was wearing a light tampon because I was barely bleeding. That day (which was at the beginning of june) I had sex (i took my tampon out before). My boyfriend pulled out before he ejaculated .. And when he did there was blood everywhere :shock: . I wasn't so worried about it at the time. Then we went at it again two more times and I was still bleeding. I bled a little bit that day but the day after, there was no blood at all.
This was not my first time having sex.
There was no condoms or other methods of birth control used.
My boyfriend pulled out all three times .. Which can reduce the risk of pregnancy 81%-98%. Yes I do know that pre-ejaculate can make you get pregnant also.
The only way i'll know if i'm pregnant for sure is to wait and see if my period comes at the beginning of july, but I honestly can't wait that long.

I would just like to know what you think my chances of being pregnant are.

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