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Severe Pain 9 Years After Hip Replacement

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My wife had hip replacement due to arthritis 9 years ago. All was well for a number of years. In the last 3 years she developed severe knee pain that has now moved all the way up her leg. She can hardly walk. Her hip doctor took x-rays and bone scans and says all is ok with her hip. A knee doctor said the same about her knee. We are at our wits end and her quality of life is gone because she can not walk anymore, something she loved more than anything.
Any suggestions are welcome.
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replied April 4th, 2010
Knee Pain Post Hip Replacement
No suggestions; my wife had partial hip replacement five years ago after a fall and hip fracture, no problems until about six months ago and she now has identical pain. Have seen two ortho''s, one suggested a full hip procedure - we turned that down - the original surgeon is trying pain meds, muscle relaxers and as of a the last visit a steriod shot. Jury is out whether that will work as she just had it on April 2. It is indeed a mystery.
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