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Induction Phase Query

Hello all,

only just discovered this site and hopefully i'll be able to find some good advice on some of the "worries" I have regarding the atkin's nutritional approach :wink:

i'm on my 3rd day of induction phase and have tested me pee with ketostix and found that I am indeed burning fat as opposed to carbs now - my main concern at this point is how will my body be coping with under the recommended 20g per day of carbs?

I'm eating plenty but only managing between 10-15g a day - is this ok or do I need to find a way to get the full 20g inside me?

I feel ok (better than usual to be honest - is it too soon to feel the benefits? Am I just feeling good because i'm finally sticking to something?), i'm p00ping ok but just want to be sure i'm not doing any harm to me insides!!

Cheers in advance

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replied June 21st, 2005
Thanks for the help & support
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