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Convinced Its the Worst... Please Help a Newbie.

I wont get into too much detail here because I dont want to bore everyone, but I am new to the board. Have had various health problems on and off for the past year and a half. Originally was terrified it was hiv because they started after two oral encounters with two women but after 8 months of testing and perfect bloodwork had to rule that out.

Was just diagnosed with lupus in the last couple of weeks which the medicine for it has helped with my other problems a bit but the final problem I can not shake no matter what and its the one the docs (and I by chasing everything else) have paid the least amount of attention to.

My tonsils have been chronically swollen ever since this ordeal began but they never were too painful. I did notice that my voice was hoarse after singing at church or what not but didnt place much attention on it until my most recent doc (ive moved around a few times) seemed a bit concerned about the tonsils. Of course now that im focusing on the tonsils im having every throat symptom under the sun and they are getting worse!

My biggest concern is a red patch (erythroplakia?) that developed on the tonsillar pillar right butted up next to my big right tonsil, the left side doesnt seem to have as much redness on this tonsillar pillar, but the left side tonsil itself is a little bigger and is more crypt like in appearance with some craters in it. In addition to this I have developed a chronic sore throat, red "streaks" or veiny looking things at the back of my throat, and a collection of white mucous type stuff back there as well. When I clench my throat closed I feel a little bit of pain, and I also feel pain occasionally shooting through my neck and really dark circles under my eyes.

In addition to all that, I went through a bout of tinnitus and some dizzyness and earache recently as well as some loss of appetite and a feeling of my throat being constricted sometimes too...

Please help I fear the worst of malignancy! Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or am I screwed. Im even willing to send pics of my tonsils im so desperate and scared. Am I screwed?

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replied June 12th, 2005
Anyone?? :shock:
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replied June 12th, 2005
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I have never heard of this but that's b/c I am not a Dr. Have you told your ent Dr. All about this. He/she may have great advice for you, even do an mri and help you calm down about the "malignancy" part ( are you worried about a tumor?)
maybe you just need you tonsils removed.

I am sorry I have not been much help to you, I wish I could have had more advice for you, but I think most people who post will advice you to seek proffesional help.
Ha ha, if only I could take my own advice and go to the ent for my problems...

Take care and keep me posted on how you are doing.
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