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Depo That Can Kill

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I was 16 the first time I had the depo shot. Its supposed to make you not have a .Pd. For three months, right? Wrong!!! I bleed for 3 months without stoping and I swore to never take it again!!!But then @ 17 I said what the heck maybe, it was just my body,i was really sexually active and I thought that it would be an easy way out. Everything was fine after the frist week or two. Then I fell ill, of a high fever and pail colored skin, I was sick for 2 weeks, in bed and never got up just to walk 10 feet to the bathroom and back, I was to weak. I wouldnt eat, I lost 20 pounds from just be able to drink liquidsand still that made me sicker. Then the 3rd week rolled around and I was rushed to the er with my whole body from head to toe coverd in an under the skin rash. It looked like someone had poured boiling hot water on my skin from my hair line to the bottom of my feet.They ran test after test on me, then the doctor came in and asked what kind of meds. Have I been on. I told them the only thing was a depo shot. Lets just say I was lucky that the doctor caught it in time cause lord only knows what could have happend. One more shot for me will be the end of my life! So before you go geton depo, think about whatcan happen next time, if not the first!
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replied May 6th, 2009
how is it that im the only one to loose weight off the depo shot not sayn that i want to get fat but i wnt my weight back
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