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Right Side Ache

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I am 49 - have been a drinker since 20 - last 10 years about 4 evenings a week 2 to 3 whiskey doubles between 9:00 pm and midnight. Physically active but slowing down a bit. Weight was 190 in 1980 to 1995, was 195 in '95 and is 202 in 2005. Squash once a week, some hockey, golf, skiing, etc. Predominantly business work and traveled a great deal '94 - '02. Large complex business reengineering work - should be fun and I like what I do but maybe just maybe I have run the course - hard business - hard road, etc.???

I have had an intermittent ache on my right side from the lowest rib to 3 to 4 inches below for about 7 months. The ache has been about every 5 to 7 days. It would seem more sensitive when I played hockey and shot from my right side or when I played squash. Perhaps I fooled myself that it was muscular but there is now something unfamiliar at the bottom of my right rib - an ache, a nagging reminder. Recently (the last week) the ache has turned more persistant - every day for 6 to 8 hours but not debilitating, not bothersome yet it exists. It seems to be partially relieved when I have a bowel movement - not entirely but 70% gone.

I am now going to schedule an appointment with my gp and I believe he will condemn my liver. On the other hand it could be my gall bladder?!

One incident - about 1 year ago I had an episode while away on vacation where my right side became quite sensitive and sore for about 2 days - perhaps acute - I attributed it to eating a great deal of various peanuts over the previous 3 days. It went away and there were no extenuating circumstances.

So here I am ready to go to my gp and confess that my drinking has caught up and my liver is toast. Perhaps a fatty liver and I need to take 6 weeks off and normalize my drinking to 2 evenings a week and not too much at a time forevermore???

Healthy, almost wealthy, vibrant, lust for life and where am i? I want to live - maybe no drink period?

Any takers...

replied July 9th, 2010
right sided pain
I have been looking all over the internet about the exact same symptoms and you have my symptoms. I to am a drinker and thinking its my liver but i deal with this constant ach on my right side and have been for 8 monthes. now its in my stomach and i feel it more when i cough. what could it be?
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replied June 6th, 2013
Appendicitis or pain pump failure?
I have been having pain and nausea off and on for a few week now. I went to the Dr. Tuesday to get a blood test. Thot it might be appendix. She said I had a high white blood count and a bacteria infection. Have been taking antiobiotics for about 3 days now and can't tell much difference. What really concerns me is that I have a "pain pump" on my right side too. I have been having low back pain with this too and since I have a pain pump, I am not suppose to be having ANY back or leg pain. I have morphine in the pain pump. I'm hoping my pain pump is not "leaking" or pulled loose. Any body out there with a similar problem?
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