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Kidney Contractions? Anyone On Pain Meds?

I have alport's but am certain that many with all various types of kidney probs experience similar symptoms.

I was lying in bed and suddenly my left kidney bunched up (felt like hurtful knot) in my left side and held like a contraction for about 4 minutes.

It has done it one more time since.

Do any of you experience flank (ribcage) pain? If so, any ideas on how to relieve it? Im currently on 120 hydrocodone a month and am not certain that harsh meds are going to be beneficial to kidneys. Plus it doesnt really cut the pain anyway!

Hydrocodone has tyelnol instead of aspirin that is why the va med center put me on it.

Anyone else on pain meds?

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First Helper lala359

replied September 26th, 2005
Does anyone know ,,how long a person can live after going off dialysis?
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replied September 27th, 2005
Similar Kidney Pain
Well kimmy I recently had a kidney stone and I had similar pain to as what your describing. It felt like my kidney would cramp up and mine started off with short times like 5 mins, but day by day it increased from a hour, and most recently to 4 1/2 hours, it hurts like hell. The hospital also had me on hydrocodine and crap and it didnt really help. Mainly what really helps me is my boyfriend bought me this really nice heating pad with 8 heat settings that has a velcro attachment so you can put it around your side or back whatever and it will stay there without holding it, and it did wonders for me.(got it at walgreens) after like 5-10 mins the pain would dull out and it would make the cramping feeling alot better, and if your not home or whatever you could get the heating stickers from the store that stick to your clothes or your skin that last 12 hours. But also it is kinda weird but I smoke pot occasionally and I came to realize that it helps the pain derasticly, now I know not everyone does illegal drugs but it really does help better than hydrocodine for sure....So its up to you but I hope this helps...........Good luck to you....
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replied October 18th, 2005
Thanks Layla
Ill try anything that helps
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replied August 3rd, 2013
Kidney pain
I just had a urinary stent placed over a wk ago and had it taken out yesterday. During my 1hr 45 min ride home I developed severe right back/kidney pain! It was a constant contraction!! I lost all the color in my face and got nauseas felt light headed so I stopped to go to the bathroom and have my mother drive the rest if the way home. Once home I took ditropan and a Toradol but with in 10 min I threw all of the meds up from the pain. So off to the ED I went. Had IV Demerol & Toradol 3 doses until it actually started to help the pain!! Then the contraction finally let up after 4hrs! The dr never even mentioned that this could happen. But when I called and spoke with the nurse on the way home she said that she gets a lot of calls from Pts with the same complaint in their way home also and that its normal for some Pts!!!! REALLY?!?!? That would if been nice to know ahead if time so I couldn't of taken my meds right after getting the stent taking out!!! I am sending a letter on this to the head of urology!
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