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All of You Who Wish to Donate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep in mind that most of us, if in need of a donor, are then understandably terminal. We dont want to be played with, and we dont wish to buy anyones organ. (im speaking for majority).

If someone of a distance were a donor , and wished to donate, im certain that travel could be considered.Buttttttttt......It is highly illegal to sell body parts. No matter how anyone looks at it. This is one of the reasons that so many end up on list and wait 3 yrs. People say they will donate,,then change their minds.

So keep in mind that donor's that are talking dollars right at first is a red flag. True donors should be wanting to do this to extend life and to help another. There will be no money owed legally. If any is determined between the two parties, even that had better not get leaked out, because the kidney society will turn you down flat over junk like this.

Do not offer your kidneys for dollars. Offer your kidneys to extend life, and allow god to decide your compensation. He has alot more than any of us do..............*smile*

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