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Think I Have a Hernia, No Health Insurance

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am in the process of getting ready for a fitness competition and this 'problem' seems to be more and more evident.

For awhile now, when i'd lay down (mostly in the tanning bed) I could see a bump in my lower right abdomen. No pain or anything.

Now, (this is really gross, sorry) whenever I have to go #2, it's like clockwork...This one spot on my lower left abdomen bumps up. It's hard, somewhat tender, and (even grosser) if I can't 'go', I can literally rub the lump and then I go. Initially I thought, maybe it's just my waste (i'm really lean b/c of the competing so I thought I might just be feeling that) but now i'm not so sure.

My abs are very weak compared to the rest of me, a few years ago I had surgery to remove cysts on my ovaries so since then they haven't been the same. Some abdominal exercises give me sharp pain in my lower abdominal area.

Is this something I should worry about?? In all honesty, I could just be having gas/poop pains, i'm constipated a lot. But I always seem bloated, it's weird.

Help!!! Going to the public health department probably won't get me very far, but if I have to I will. Just looking for some ideas before I go that route.

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