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In 2000 I was diagnosed with pluracy. Since then I have experienced breathing difficulties. When inhaling I feel as if I can't get a deep enough breath and minor pain and tightness in my lower left rib cage (in the area that was affected with pluracy). This breathing difficulty comes and goes. I have had x-rays of both my lungs and heart recently and nothing was detected. I have also had breathing tests done and the tests indicated I have 80% lung capacity in relation to my weight and age. One doctor prescribed asthma medication (inhalers) which made no difference. I am wondering whether pluracy can last this long or whether it may have left scaring which is causing these symptoms.
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replied April 15th, 2008
Pleurisy means presence of inflammatory exudate in the space between lungs and chest wall. Pleurisy can cause adhesions in the pleural space if the exudate wasn't absorbed completely. That usually happens if the pleurisy was purulent (contained pus). Adhesions can cause painful and restricted breathing.
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